Frequently Asked Q's

Is there an age restriction?
The only venue that is 21+ is Five Stars Bar. Otherwise, the festival and The Lot is open to all ages.

I want to buy a pass to the festival but it says my seat isn't guaranteed -- does that mean I should buy tickets instead to the shows I want to see?
This is up to you! The bulk of the seats for all of the festival shows are reserved for pass holders -- but like any festival -- venues have capacities, and there are only so many seats available. If there's something you absolutely cannot miss, you can grab an individual ticket to lock in your seat. We advise this for some of the biggest shows at RIOT.

If you have a pass we recommend that you get to those must-see shows thirty minutes prior to show time.

It says a show I want to see is SOLD OUT but I have a pass -- does that mean I can't get in?
No. We've reserved seats in every show for pass holders. Seats ARE limited, so get to the shows you want to see early.

I want to help! How do I volunteer?
First of all, thank you! This year we're already all set with volunteers and staff—we've been building a strong team since the beginning of the year. BUT THANK YOU!